Tracking First | Features
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Benefit-Focused Features

Even technology that does interesting and impressive things is of limited value unless it effectively addresses real needs. So we present the capabilities of the Tracking First solution in a series of articles that illustrate how it addresses the four main requirements that marketing and analytics professionals have shared with us throughout the development process: Tracking Code Creation, Automatic Classification, Technical Verification, and Organization Management. Consider how the Tracking First platform could make a meaningful difference to your organization.


Tracking Code Creation

Tracking First provides a single repository for all of your company codes that anyone can access and add to, within the constraints that you create as an administrator. It’s cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about conflicting codes, and anyone can access it from any device from anywhere in the world, so there are no synchronization worries if your organization spans many units and agencies in various locations across the world. Most importantly, it can be used by non-experts in the world of web analytics.

Automatic Classification

Classification applies to companies who use Adobe Analytics. For years, companies have not only had to create their own systems for tracking code generation, they’ve had the additional responsibility of informing Adobe of the meaning of each code at a variety of custom levels, called SAINT Classifications. Tracking First is the only solution to provide automation for classifications that is derived from your existing classification tables. The days of uploading Excel-based spreadsheets manually are finally over!

Technical Verification

No matter how carefully you’ve crafted your new tracking codes, or how consistently you have classified each one, the entire exercise is for naught if you’re sending those codes to a page where, due to a technical glitch of some kind, the data is not passed to your analytics vendor. We verify that your links are formed correctly, and that the landing pages are set to truly capture the codes you have created and classified. If there’s something wrong that you need to fix, we’ll warn you before you launch the campaign.

Organizational Management

As a company grows and its marketing efforts diversify, it quickly becomes impossible for a single individual to manage all of the tracking codes across the organization. Even a single report, such as external campaigns, might have multiple channel managers or agencies involved in the effort. Tracking First lets you set up patterns with strict rules regarding formatting and classification, and administer them to specific user groups in your organization. This way you can delegate the responsibility of creating codes across the organization, without compromising the integrity of your reports.

Summary of Benefits

By switching to Tracking First, you will spend less money and effort preparing the analytics behind your marketing campaigns. Even more important, you will finally have end reports that are 100% accurate. You won’t exhaust your analysts with constant code creation, classification and QA duties; instead, they will be able to focus on gleaning insights from the data (which is now trustworthy and truly actionable). Meanwhile, your marketers won’t be stalled in their campaign launch process, waiting for an expert’s green light. They can generate the codes they need directly online, and deploy them immediately, since our solution will have prepared and validated all of the analytics ahead of time. That’s why we called it Tracking First!