Tracking First | Campaign Code Classification
Tracking First automatically classifies tracking links to your spec, uploads your classification tables.
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Campaign Code Classification

Feature Overview

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Automatic Classification

Classifications apply to companies who use Adobe Analytics. For years, these companies have not only had to maintain their own systems for tracking code generation, they’ve had the added responsibility of informing Adobe of the meaning of each code at a variety of custom levels, called SAINT Classifications.

We Study and Maintain your Classification Tables

As new codes are created, the Tracking First solution recognizes variations and departures from the standards your organization has used in the past. Before generating the final URL, the user is alerted and given the chance to determine if the change was intentional or not. We steer marketers toward the company’s best practices, guiding them either by explicit or historical values. Knowing where you’ve been (your classification history) allows us to ensure that the standards you set are followed, and alerts you to any unintended deviations.

Broader Applications

Tracking First is not just for Campaign reports, and, for that matter, it’s not just for new codes. The same technology that lets you create new campaign tracking codes can be applied to products, pages, or any other report within your analytics system, even to old reports that you may want to re-classify. The point is that all of the chores you used to manage through Excel spreadsheets are entirely replaced by Tracking First. The days of manually managing SAINT files are finally over!