Tracking First | Centralized Cloud-Based Repository
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Centralized Cloud-Based Repository


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Central Repository

Tracking First collects your codes in a centralized, cloud-based repository that users can access anywhere, from any device.

Pipe Dream Becomes a Reality

People often talk about having a “tracking code database,” when in reality their codes are saved in fragments across the organization: an Excel spreadsheet for email codes saved on Larry’s machine in IT, a Google doc on the intranet for social media campaigns, etc. Tracking First really does create a single repository for all of your codes—and not just for a single channel, and not just for external campaigns—not even for a single website. Tracking First stores all of your codes and their definitions in a single repository.


And the best part: this repository is based in the cloud. Nothing is stored on any individual’s device. So if you have multiple marketing agents using the platform in different parts of the world, they don’t need to coordinate as they retrieve new codes and launch new campaigns. Unique codes will be delivered to everyone who needs one, because no one is working in a silo.

Controlled Access

Tracking First’s centralized, cloud-based repository for tracking codes is available to everyone who has been invited to the party. Invitations are offered by the tool’s administrators; they decide who can access the tools, and what portions of the tracking system users should be able to access. But once that access has been established for you, it will be available anywhere you are, and on whatever device you might be using.