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Feature Overiew

Pre-Launch Link Verification

Tracking First isn’t just a code creator and classifier, it’s a verification tool. Specifically, it’s a pre-launch link-verification tool that makes sure the codes created are really going to flow into your reporting system as planned.

We’ve talked a lot on this site about preparing your codes the right way, so your analytics engine knows how to assemble all of your campaign reports correctly. But what if your codes never actually make it to your analytics vendor? That’s putting in a lot of effort preparing rooms for guests that never actually arrive. And why not? There are several possible reasons:


  • The landing page doesn’t exist. Maybe you have a typo in your landing page URL. Or maybe the page hasn’t been built yet. In either case, you don’t want to launch a campaign until you fix it.


  • The landing page doesn’t have analytics code on it. If you’re an Adobe client, you know that every page needs to have a snippet of code that wraps up all the necessary data (including campaign tracking codes) and forwards it to Omniture. In practice this step frequently gets overlooked, especially when companies are creating new landing pages or microsites for specific campaigns.


  • The link is malformed. Maybe you’ve mixed up question marks and ampersands in your URL. Maybe you mis-remembered the parameter that you’ve set aside for campaign tracking.


  • The page redirects and loses its tracking data. Landing pages are frequently virtual redirects. In this case you want to make sure that the logic not only identifies the campaign code, but also navigates it successfully through the redirect process.


In all of these cases, Tracking First will alert you in real time, as you’re entering each landing page, if any of these problems exist. You only get a green light to move forward when we have verified that the technology is all in place to capture the code you just created into the variable that you just classified.

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