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02 Mar Get to know the team — Jenny Peel

JennyWe are proud of our team at Tracking First — collectively we have decades of experience in digital media and technology. TF Marketer Alyssa Edwards recently sat down with our Director of Channel Partnerships, Jenny Peel, to learn about what led her to Tracking First. Q- Tell me a little bit about your career, where you come from, your background: I’m new to this industry, but I’ve been involved with tech startups for quite a while now. I’ve always been really intrigued by creative ideas, people developing some new product that solves a problem. I come from a creative background; for 8 years I was an interior designer and had my own firm. When I was running my business it was so challenging to be everything, to wear all the hats. I started thinking about how I could scale my business, and how to use ideas I had for doing interior design electronically. So I decided to get an MBA and really explore how to create scalable businesses.
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