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Marketing Data needs a Solid Foundation – What Clients Say:

With the time-to-value expectation being constantly lowered as we implement key technologies for our clients, the Business and Executive teams want to see clear results early in a campaign. Analytics experts who should be seeking trends and driving insights are instead focusing their energies on data quality and code management. Tracking First pre-packages this expertise into the same system, generating new codes for marketers, readying reports before the campaigns even launch, and allowing Keystone to focus on the strategic value we bring to the table: increasing data credibility and intelligent automation of data quality.

Matt Gellis, CEO, Keystone Solutions

Tracking First is one of those rare, niche technologies that solves a specific, yet very painful problem that is just far enough outside the scope of other tools to remain a problem for thousands of people. The zeal that Craig Scribner brings to the task is unparalleled.

Jim Sterne, Founder , DAA and eMetrics

Tracking First is helping distributed marketing teams deliver on data governance unlike anyone else, which is filling a much needed data quality gap in the marketplace.

Doug Jensen, VP Sales, ObservePoint

It has been my pleasure to work with Tracking First. What a rare find to have a vendor provide so much value in addition to their product. I found their tracking solution to be intuitive, powerful, and a significant time saver. Aside from their fantastic product though, what I most appreciated was their time spent in understanding my business needs and their expertise in walking me through a solution catered to my goals. This was a case where having someone willing to get in the weeds on the details made all the difference.

Dave Nelson, Xactware

The greatest marketing campaigns are only as good as their weakest link where success is often dependent on the tiniest detail like wrong tracking codes, landing pages or bad links. Traffic First takes care of those tiny details so you can focus on the bigger things that really move the sales needle.

Jay Shaffer, Tengrade Inc.

We’re happy to provide guidance to help alleviate the stress and frustration that can come from messy campaign tracking reports. Tracking First is a fantastic solution that accelerates the process of getting sound campaign tracking reports up and running. Due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, it quickly reduces errors and enhances the workflow around multi-team campaign tracking. We recommend it to all our clients!

Brad Millett, Blast Analytics & Marketing

The Encima Group is definitely excited about Tracking First. It solves a serious digital marketing operational pain point; one that we’ve often had to manage manually, for many clients.

Domenico Tassone, EVP Digital Capabilities, The Encima Group