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Marketers shouldn’t need to know everything that analysts know — and vice versa.


Tracking First is a data governance and data quality assurance company, assisting marketing teams. We automate the analytics behind online marketing campaigns. Many companies make critical budget decisions based on partial or inaccurate data.  Our clients never have to wonder if their marketing campaign reports are correct; we make sure they are.  Reports can be produced and maintained at a fraction of their former cost.

There are only four ways to break campaign reporting; and these are the four things Tracking First checks before each campaign launch
 code composition, code classification, link assembly, and data captureFew marketing teams incorporate these four tasks fully into their workflow. The result is inconsistent reports that require repair, or worse, misleading reports with data gaps that can never be filled.


Analytics tools can’t show data that was never captured in the first place.


We restore faith in the campaign reports your organization has grown to mistrust. Tracking First automatically generates and classifies new codes, embeds them in landing page links, and verifies that the links are tracking correctly — all before a campaign launches.


Trained in the dark arts of digital analytics at Omniture long before its acquisition by Adobe, Craig spent a decade crafting implementations, building dashboards and advising enterprise companies committed to uncovering actionable insights about their online visitors. He was inspired to create Tracking First after seeing his clients across the board struggle to establish governance and consistency for their marketing campaigns. Since 2012 he has remained dedicated to making his clients’ jobs easier by producing data they can trust. Craig likes to spend non-working hours with his family, gardening or enhancing the tree-fort in the backyard. He also teaches analytics to MBA students at the University of Utah.

John has spent his career in enterprise sales and executive management in web-based tech startups, and was fortunate to be on the enterprise sales team in the early days of the web analytics pioneer Omniture. He’s the author of Selling You, and he speaks frequently on topics related to using information to optimize innovation, decision-making and behavior. He loves coaching youth baseball, riding on and off-road motorcycles, and hiking in the red rocks of southern Utah with his family.

Joseph is a 20-year veteran of digital advertising and publishing. He began writing online content and managing advertising at the dawn of the Internet, and coached dozens of marketing clients through their first-ever online campaign experiences. Since then he’s been witness to the astounding speed of change in the digital world and the ever-increasing complexity of new ad technology. When he’s not reading to keep up with change, he serves on the board of the Louis August Jonas Foundation, an Education-focused nonprofit with an experiential leadership curriculum for high school students. Find him on twitter @josephriddle13

Since 1982, Craig has served in multiple leadership roles in the technology industry, including  seven years as president of a Utah 100 company, CEO for a multi-million dollar systems integration company, top technology executive at Viewpoint Digital, and VP of Technology at Freeport.  Since 2000, he has provided Virtual CIO services through his consulting company Continuo.  For over 20 years Craig served as a volunteer, board member, and then Chairman of the Board at Kids on the Move, a multi-million dollar early intervention preschool for children with disabilities.  He has also served as a volunteer mentor to several startups in the BoomStartup incubator.

Craig has a history of entrepreneurship in small and mid-size sales organizations. He enjoys the challenge of helping companies grow and become better through enterprise sales leadership. He gained extensive experience in many industry sectors before finding a passion and a home in the high-energy digital marketing and SaaS industries. He feels lucky to have been at companies like Omniture, where he was at the center of sales growth from its earliest days through the Adobe acquisition. At Tracking First, he’s found his next challenge, taking on another ride-the-wave cutting edge SaaS company. When he’s not working, he enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and being involved in youth team sports.

A student of human behavior in various cultures, Lori is fascinated by languages and communication, and has conducted research on obstacles to change. She enjoys working with groups to build understanding and consensus. Lori is energized by smart ideas, which is why she came to Tracking First. As an editor and writer she strives to make matches between transformative insights and the business leaders who are ready for them. She holds a degree in Psychology from Harvard University. Lori and her family divide their time between Boston and Valencia, Spain, and when she’s not writing for Tracking First, she’s blogging here.

Jenny comes to Tracking First with a track record of success in both corporate and startup environments. She has 15 years’ experience consulting and managing multi-million dollar projects, and has spent the past several years specializing in channel development, sales enablement and training. She enjoys helping partners define their needs, and finding creative ways to meet those needs through automated solutions. Jenny spent five years living abroad in Germany and Slovenia, and speaks conversational Slovenian. She lives in the greater Tokyo area with her family, where she’s brushing up on her Japanese.

Scott has a history of entrepreneurship and has spent his career mainly in digital analyst roles, driving strategic business growth and leading teams through successful project management. He has enjoyed making the recent switch to supporting other analytics professionals as an analyst/coach. At Tracking First he helps marketing teams at some of the web’s largest brands extract complex data from web codes and tag sources, converting raw reports into information that tracks campaign attribution and guides marketing allocation. Scott holds an MBA from the University of Utah, and lives in Salt Lake City with his young family.


Jim Sterne Founder, eMetrics Summit & Digital Analytics Association

Hal Heaton

Professor of Finance, Marriott School of Business

Jason Kap

CEO, Zipwire Inc

Paul Thompson

President Emeritus, Weber State University


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