Our Promise

Tracking First gives you trusted data that leads to actionable insights…
so you can continually improve your campaign outcomes.

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Why we do it

Business today requires data-backed decisions and bad campaign data is everywhere. Ultimately, enterprises are faced with making decisions on data that is incomplete, inaccurate, or inconclusive, so they have little chance of reliably predicting success. Tracking First helps digital marketers get clean, trusted, usable data so they can get clearer insights, make better decisions and continually improve their campaign outcomes.

Our technology solution


Define and standardize

By structuring data properly on the front end, the data generated on the backend is analysis-ready.

  • Define what events and characteristics you want included in the metadata of your tracking codes as Tracking First guides you through the process and automates the classifications.
  • Standardize the data across all of your campaigns, products, organizations and geographies as Tracking First automatically implements the structured data.

Create and Confirm

By running an automated confirmation, you can ensure each campaign will be correctly tracked.

  • Create your digital marketing campaigns as you normally do; Tracking First automatically generates the tracking codes for each campaign based on the standards you established.
  • Confirm that your codes are set up properly and will return the data you’re looking for by executing Tracking First’s automated pre-flight checklist for each campaign before it launches.

Collect and Unify

By amassing all the data from all your systems, you can confidently determine what needs to be fixed.

  • Collect precise data from each campaign with unique tracking codes that Tracking First automatically ties to each campaign.
  • Tracking First inputs all campaigns and resulting outcomes in your favorite analytics platform such as Adobe Analytics Cloud.

Analyze and Optimize

With more consistent data over time, the ability to introduce machine learning becomes a reality.

  • Tracking First returns data that is automatically structured so your analysts can focus on gathering insights and generating reports rather than trying to make sense of the data.
  • Continually optimize your campaign outcomes because the data will tell a more complete and thorough picture over time.

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