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For Brand Integrity, Know the Company You Keep

If you’re a busy marketer, you juggle multiple competing priorities daily. The biggest one is often “we need more site traffic,” followed immediately by “but only the right kind of traffic.” It’s no wonder that programmatic ad buying has become the default since it usually equals quick, cheap volume. Priority one is met, and busy [...]

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3 Overlooked Steps to Effective Personalization

In an increasingly competitive market, marketing success depends on advancing the customer experience and personalizing the customer journey across channels. In fact, 57% of organizations surveyed said that elevating the customer experience was top priority in 2018, according to a recent Customer Experience eMarketer report. Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing at [...]

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What is Your Marketing ROI?

If you were asked about the ROI (Return on Investment) you are getting from your marketing campaigns, would you be able to answer? With the age of digital marketing upon us, there aren’t many excuses why you are unable to get clear and granular ROI data. In an article written by Gerald Chait, he talks [...]

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How to Make “UTM Parameters” Work for You

In Google Analytics you can see that your marketing efforts are paying off in the form of website traffic, but how will you determine which of your marketing channels is generating the most traffic to your site? Which campaigns are leading to more sales? Do more consumers/customers click on an image or hyperlinked text? Google [...]

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The “Unspecified” Problem

You’ve created a beautiful new digital campaign for your brand that you plan to track through Adobe Analytics. Perhaps you’re a marketer with some time under your belt, you’ve done this before, you know what channels you want to use, and you have your ideal customer in mind that you want to target. Or maybe [...]

7 Questions Your Campaign Data should be Answering

If a campaign launches without a way to measure data, does it ever actually get off the ground? We typically pour all of our energy (and money!) into efforts such as campaign themes, content calendars, and ad buys, but find our results lacking. It’s difficult to understand the impact of our campaign assets when they’re [...]

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Running Your Enterprise on Premium Data

Suppose you were lucky enough to own a Lamborghini or some other outrageously expensive and powerful luxury car. What kind of fuel would you use to fill its engine? It is common knowledge, even among people who know little about cars, that luxury car engines require a higher-octane fuel. If you happened to own such [...]

What Does It Mean to “Track” Your Marketing Data?

It’s a truism in Marketing in 2018 that “everything is trackable.” Ask the average marketer if he tracks his campaigns, and he’s likely to pull a face or respond with an eye-roll. Duh! So basic. Scratch below the surface though, and the story gets complicated. Ask the same marketer if he has a sense for [...]

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The Emergence Of Cross-Channel Marketing & Why It’s Breaking Analytics

Successful marketers are nearly 35 times more likely to use cross-channel marketing. In our ever-connected technological world, you have to cultivate a presence across a wide range of channels on a variety of devices in order to make an impact. A single business page or ad just doesn’t cut it! That’s why cross-channel marketing empowers [...]

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