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Think Big With Data-Driven Marketing

Data drives the majority of marketing messages to which consumers are exposed on a daily basis. Thanks to effective and user-friendly tools, data is easier than ever for companies to access and analyze. In today’s highly competitive world, data-driven marketing is the only way to keep from falling behind. Companies of any size can use [...]

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GDPR Crash Course: What You Need to Know

Consumers care about who has their data, especially when a security breach or invasion of privacy becomes news. It’s important for companies to consider how they protect and use consumer data, and the European Union is leading the way. Effective May 2018, European consumers will be under the protection of the GDPR—a parliamentary measure to [...]

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Tracking First Joins Adobe Exchange Partner Program to Enhance Data Governance and Reporting for Adobe Analytics Cloud Users

Data Governance firm advances to Business Level Partner within the Program to supply digital marketers with a unified governance platform, resolving campaign data issues prior to launch   Sandy, UT (March 8, 2018) – Tracking First, a leading Data Governance firm serving more than 30 Fortune 500 clients, has signed on as a Business Level Partner in [...]

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Talking ’bout a (clean data) Revolution

By now, you’ve probably seen some version of this alarming news: Bad Data Costs US companies three trillion dollars a year. That’s three trillions.   And what, dear reader, can be done about this? It turns out much can be done. To make that case, let’s start by considering campaign marketing data -- often considered [...]

3 Reasons 2018 will be the Year of Data Governance

I've been writing about data quality in marketing for quite a while now, and I think the moment is right for firms -- in particular, CMOs -- to turn their attention fully to the issue of data quality and governance. Why pick on CMOs in particular?  Let’s look at some trends. According to Gartner, the [...]

Have you gone through your pre-launch checklist?

Would you feel comfortable taking off in a plane, knowing that the pilot and co-pilot had neglected to run through their pre-flight checklists? No? Me either. In fact, a pre-launch checklist is a sound idea for preparing to undertake any difficult journey. It allows one to plan routes, coordinate with team members, check inventory, assess [...]

Getting Full Value from Adobe Analytics

Despite the fact that Adobe Analytics captures and measures campaign dimensions extremely well, sometimes the codes your system captures don’t get full descriptions. You can find yourself in a frustrating position, will all manner of codes sitting inside of Adobe, unable to tell  their stories.   That’s a situation many Adobe Analytics users find themselves [...]

Tracking First Newsletter: Nov 15, 2017

Take a look here, to see what we’re reading and talking about. Some of the headlines:   --Marketing Analytics: Three Common Data Pitfalls Monitoring and analyzing data in a silo restricts us from insights that could give us a better understanding of what’s happening holistically, and can lead to overinterpreting certain results. For example, you’ll [...]

Fun Facts about Adobe Analytics and Campaign Dimensions

It’s not every day that I learn something new about Adobe Classifications. I was an Omniture employee when this technology (originally called SAINT) came hot off the press in 2002, and I’ve spent the better part of two decades working under its hood. I didn’t think it had any surprises left for me. Ask the [...]

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Why modern marketing is a Tough Job

Decision Fatigue. You’ve all heard of it, right? It’s the reason that people like Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama severely limit their wardrobe choices. In Obama’s case, a blue or gray suit, in Zuckerberg’s, jeans and a gray t-shirt. For each, it’s an attempt to preserve his most precious resource — the decision-making capacity of the [...]

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