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The emergence of cross-channel marketing & why it’s breaking analytics

Successful marketers are nearly 35 times more likely to use cross-channel marketing. In our ever-connected technological world, you have to cultivate a presence across a wide range of channels on a variety of devices in order to make an impact. A single business page or ad just doesn’t cut it! That’s why cross-channel marketing empowers [...]

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Tracking First Announces New Headquarters and Appoints Matt Nelson as VP of Marketing

Provo, UT: Tracking First, an enterprise data governance platform designed to enable true, cross-channel enterprise insights, today announced the opening of its new global headquarters in Provo, Utah. The company has also appointed Matt Nelson as vice president of Marketing. Nelson previously worked as a marketing leader at Qualtrics, and has prior experience at Globespan [...]

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How to Invest in Data Quality and Why

Today’s business world is data-driven, and the use of software that takes the tedium out of your tracking code and data analysis can give businesses an edge. However, technology alone isn’t going to help you come to workable insights about your data: you need to invest in a company culture that emphasizes the importance of [...]

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Creating a Customer-Centric Experience Through Data

Whether it’s because being customer-centric in the digital world is difficult when users seem like data, the right elements and resources aren’t in place, or there’s too much extra data to know what to use, not all marketers know where to start when it comes to tailoring to customer experiences. Personalizing and improving digital experiences [...]

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How AI Has Changed Analytics Reporting

As artificial intelligence (AI) evolves and humans find more applications for it, marketers look for new ways to embrace it. While AI doesn’t think on the same level as humans, the technology uses algorithms and other information to learn how to perform tasks. For marketers, this means having a system that can manage a lot [...]

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Tracking First Announces $4 Million Seed Round, Signs on Adobe Veteran as CEO

Enterprise marketing teams can now track the success or failure of every digital campaign using clean, trusted and unified data   PROVO, Utah, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tracking First, an enterprise data governance platform designed to structure and unify digital campaign data, today announced $4 million dollars in funding, led by Silverton Partners with a strategic [...]

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This Week in Analytics: Early May

Data use in the digital age continues to evolve. These developments often are positive, giving more businesses access to the tools they need to succeed and optimize customer experiences. Other times, there’s a bit of catching up to do. Here are some of the stories from tech this month; click on any headline for the [...]

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The Lowdown on Location Data

There was a time when location wasn’t the marketing tool it is today. Now you need to be digitally savvy to do business in the age of cross-device targeting, personalization and attribution mechanisms. With millions of devices with a wealth of location data and other information, it can be easy for marketers to observe and [...]

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Do You Really Know Your Customer?

Your brand team might think it knows what your ideal customer looks like, but it’s exactly that: an ideal. Your perfect customer might exist, but narrowing your marketing focus because of an idea may keep you from connecting with real customers. Without an accurate picture of your real customers, your marketing resources might not go [...]

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Think Big With Data-Driven Marketing

Data drives the majority of marketing messages to which consumers are exposed on a daily basis. Thanks to effective and user-friendly tools, data is easier than ever for companies to access and analyze. In today’s highly competitive world, data-driven marketing is the only way to keep from falling behind. Companies of any size can use [...]

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