Marketing and Analytics – Part 1: Are we there yet?

Recently, I sat down with one of our newer clients, the customer intelligence director for a global hospitality brand, to find out more about the data challenges faced by his organization. Our conversation covered a range of topics. It’s a candid picture of the current marketing/analytics landscape, and we present it here in three parts. [...]

We are All Publishers Now

I spent 15 years working in the online publishing industry. One of the last professional events I attended while still on the media was an IAB-affiliated event about the “future of media and advertising.” I recall one of the speakers ignoring the publishers in the room completely. He directed his remarks toward the vendors and [...]

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Tracking First Newsletter: Sept 19, 2017

Take a look here, to see what we’re reading and talking about. Some of the headlines:   --Measuring Marketing ROI: Are You Doing It Right? If you’re a Web Analyst, you are probably an expert on different attribution models—last-touch, first-touch, even-weighting, time decay, and so on—because most of the Web analytics vendors, such as Adobe [...]

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Tracking First’s New Product Release Goes Live

In September 2017, Tracking First released its first major product enhancement, a connector that allows clients to port data from any source to any target. I sat down with founder Craig Scribner to learn more.   JR: What was the impetus for the recent product development? CS: More and more our clients are having a [...]

When your trusted tools become antiques, or …

One sure way to situate a movie scene in the mid-20th century is to stage a young man holding a wrench in the act of leaning over a car engine, happily tinkering. In those days, many of the processes going on under the hood of a car were accessible to anyone willing to get their [...]

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Marketing Performance Measurement: Where Are We?

Over the last couple of years we’ve heard a lot of noise about marketing becoming a “revenue center, instead of a cost center.”  I first heard this particular soundbite in 2014, skillfully laid out by a very engaging and data-savvy presenter. I was attending one of those huge annual marketing conferences in Las Vegas. It [...]

How Much of Your Marketing Spend Goes Untracked?

How much of the money your company spends on advertising and marketing goes untracked? Or suboptimally tracked? Do you know? Does anyone in your organization actually know? The digital marketing industry is suddenly awash in new technologies that allow companies to optimize their marketing spend by refining attribution, to the point where each step [...]

Adobe’s Classification Rule Builder and Tracking First

Every once in a while, we get a question about how Tracking First is different from Adobe’s inbuilt Classification Rule Builder (CRB). It’s a good question, and a pretty easy one to answer. The simplest and most important thing to say is this: use of Tracking First and Adobe CRB is not an either/or kind [...]

Tracking First Newsletter: July 13, 2017

Take a look here, to see what we’re reading and talking about. Some of the headlines:   --Big Data is the Key to the Future of Multi-Device Marketing Optimizing a multi-device marketing campaign is difficult. Marketers often see only one device in their analytics reports, even though the average customer uses three to engage with [...]

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The analytics challenge of pharma marketing – Part 2, Solutions

Tracking First interviewed Dominic Tassone of the Indegene Encima Group for this two-part series focused on the unique campaign tracking challenges faced by marketers in the pharmaceutical industry. Part one covered the challenge, and part two explores how pharma marketers are tackling it.   Tracking First: Thanks for your helpful explanation of the unique tracking [...]