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Fishing for Data Freedom, Landing an Unwelcome Surprise

It was a staple of the cartoons from my childhood: Seated on a river bank, an eager fishing enthusiast casts a line into the water and begins reeling in the line, imagining trout for dinner. Cue the laugh track — what breaks the surface of the water is a sodden old boot. And so it [...]

Improve your team communication–Improve your bottom line

How would you describe your competence at using data to improve your decision-making? How about your organization’s competence? Using information to do something more effectively is something we think and talk a lot about at Tracking First. I’m all about leveraging information so you have a single version of truth within your team.  When I [...]

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The Challenge and Promise of Digital Campaign Tracking

Have a look at this image. Sound familiar? Web analytics has held out the elusive promise of being a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. “Set up your reports, and the data will fill itself in.” That promise has largely held true — for every part of web analytics except Marketing. That’s because with marketing, the web [...]

Interview with CEO/CFO Magazine: Craig Scribner

“Companies have an ongoing challenge handing over all of the right pieces of information to their analytics system, in order for the system to tell them how their marketing campaigns are performing… We allow analytics pros or the BI team to go in as administrators to set up patterns that are relevant and targeted for [...]

Test-driven Development in Analytics

In the 2017 world of IT and systems engineering, Test-driven development (TDD) is quickly becoming the new mantra. No one writes a line of code these days without the intent to have that code check/test itself. If there is bug in that code, it gets caught and fixed before it goes live, reducing any risk [...]

The Importance of Data Cleanup

One of the biggest changes in the world of marketing technology in the last decade has been the rise of Analytics. We’ve arrived at a point where Analytics is an accepted word and a legitimate specialty. But (and I know I’m preaching to the choir here), we shouldn’t break out the bubbly just yet. As [...]

Accountability and Governance – new features for Tracking First

Often, when companies release a marketing campaign, their analytics teams spend the next few days scrambling. As quickly as possible, they need to make sure all the data is pulling correctly. Are the tracking codes working? Are the expected data reportable? When something goes wrong, as it often does, it’s hard to know who made [...]

Tracking First Newsletter: Jan 20, 2017

Take a look here, to see what we're reading and talking about. Some of the headlines: --Digital Marketing Spending Continues its Climb GroupM, the world's largest ad buyer, forecasts trends for 2017, and gives a rundown of recent ad spending benchmarks. Topping the charts in profitability is digital media, with a 72% return on ad [...]

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