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Getting Full Value from Adobe Analytics

Despite the fact that Adobe Analytics captures and measures campaign dimensions extremely well, sometimes the codes your system captures don’t get full descriptions. You can find yourself in a frustrating position, will all manner of codes sitting inside of Adobe, unable to tell  their stories.   That’s a situation many Adobe Analytics users find themselves [...]

Fun Facts about Adobe Analytics and Campaign Dimensions

It’s not every day that I learn something new about Adobe Classifications. I was an Omniture employee when this technology (originally called SAINT) came hot off the press in 2002, and I’ve spent the better part of two decades working under its hood. I didn’t think it had any surprises left for me. Ask the [...]

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Changing the Business of Relying on Marketing Analytics

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a digital analyst, with a background in web development and marketing, takes a role heading up web analytics for a Fortune 500 company…and finds himself in the midst of chaos. The business wants to know how their marketing campaigns are performing, and they keep pestering IT for a [...]

Campaign Analytics Tracking – How did we get here?

Looking at the world of campaign analytics in 2017, it can be challenging for anyone who didn’t grow up in the industry to make sense of its complexity. Seasoned analysts and marketers have a history with the technology, but they’ve often witnessed so much change so quickly that it can feel at times like someone [...]

Everybody Hates Sub-Classifications…But Not Us

Since their inception, Sub-Classifications (aka Nested Classifications) have come to represent a hiss and a byword among most Adobe Analytics/Omniture veterans. Flat Classifications (left) are, as a reliable rule, better than Sub-Classifications (right) In one of his OmnitureCare mailbag blog posts, Adobe Analytics guru Ben Gaines was asked about weirdness in Classification reports. With scarcely [...]

SAINT Myth #1: Classification Reports Always Mean What They Say

Picture a Thousand Words (i.e., Make a Chart) Adobe Analytics clients are genuinely surprised to learn how far off the mark their own reports have strayed. SAINT Classification technology isn’t rocket science—anyone who has used a Pivot table or a Lookup function in Excel is capable of getting their head fully around the deep magic [...]

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SAINT Classifications in Adobe Analytics: Getting Started

Most Used, Least Understood SAINT Classifications are extremely familiar—many would say all too familiar—among Adobe Analytics/Omniture experts. Although this technology has existed in its present form for over a decade, it remains the most highly-frequented technology within Adobe Analytics reporting system. This insight was provided by Adobe Senior Product Manager John Bates, who at the [...]

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Pushing Google Analytics Campaign Tracking into SiteCatalyst

Backstory This morning on the Yahoo Web Analytics forum a question was posted about best practices for campaign tracking when companies are using both Google Analytics and Omniture. This particular company was apparently switching from GA to Adobe Analytics, but I should note that many companies don’t only experience this challenge during a transition; many [...]

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Starting a Code Syntax from Scratch

No Single Answer is Right for Everybody This is the fifth time I’ve tried to write this blog post. It’s just really hard to talk in general terms about code structure, when that structure does (and should) vary greatly from one company to the next. When Omniture released SAINT over a decade ago, they included [...]

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