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Multi-Target Uploads

Tracking First offers multiple-target uploads. The most common implementation practice that inspired this feature is called Multi-Suite Tagging. This means that you are sending all of your variables (including your campaign tracking codes) to multiple data repositories inside the vaults of your analytics tool.

How it Works

Any classification work you have done for your tracking codes must be replicated across all report suites where those codes have been sent. Adobe does not tie any of this data together automatically, but Tracking First allows you to add multiple targets for any report you decide to work with. The only requirement is that the additional targets have the same classification structure, so all of the values you upload will have a place to go in each target.

Other Use Cases

Note that Multi-Suite Tagging is not the only use case where this multi-target solution will be useful. Some SiteCatalyst users choose to populate the same codes into multiple Conversion Variables (eVars) within a single report suite, with each report allocating credit differently. In this case, the only way to truly avoid handling SAINT files and uploading them separately is to have a multi-target solution like the one Tracking First offers.