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Not Just for Campaign Reports 2017-09-19T13:07:22+00:00

Beyond Campaigns

We focus a lot of attention on marketing campaign reports when we promote Tracking First, but the solution actually has a wider application. It certainly is not just for Campaign Reports. In Adobe SiteCatalyst, for instance, the SAINT Classification process can be applied to nearly any report (custom traffic, custom conversion, pages, products, etc.).

Matching Adobe’s Flexibility

Tracking First can apply its tools for code generation, preparation, and verification to any data you need to create and capture. Any report that has a classification system applied within SiteCatalyst can be accessed through Tracking First. Patterns exist across all reports, not just campaign marketing codes, and the same tools that allow you to detect patterns and their associations within the SAINT table are also available for these reports.

Products, Pages, etc.

For instance, your product marketing team may want to create and classify a series of new product SKUs, or you may have a classification system applied to your Page variable for assembling page groups together. So long as you can build a pattern around the values you need to generate, Tracking First will get you what you need.