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Measure Your Total Campaign

Make sure all your codes are fully and accurately described, and uploaded to your analytics vendor or CRM right from our system.


Clean-Up Work

Marketing Data Administrators have long had to manage clean-up work from various reporting systems by downloading spreadsheets from a series of tracking systems, editing them, and transforming and uploading them through manual processes. Tracking First’s management system isn’t just for creating new codes; they also extend to managing codes, no matter what platform they come from.



What would alleviate this problem?  Control. Consistency. What if you had the ability to go into a tracking code management system and identify any individual code and the user who created it? What if you had the ability to edit that code, after it was created, to ensure it met standards and naming conventions you’d set internally? What if you could have a permanent record of any such changes: why they were made, who made them, how the data changed as a result? Now you can have it.


Lock and Key

While the tasks of creating new codes can be distributed across the organization, we recommend that the table maintenance tools be limited to just a few people. For that reason, only those that you designate as Tracking First administrators have the keys to maintain existing codes.