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Integrate Cross-Campaign Marketing Data

What do we mean by integrate? Glad you asked. For every data integration, there are two core challenges.


First, you have to ensure that data passes faithfully and accurately from a Source to a Target. We work with marketing data sources that include DCM, Facebook, AdWords, and our clients’ internal datasets. The target is often an analytics platform, but it could be a CRM, an internal data warehouse or a business intelligence platform (Tableau, Domo).


The second (and greater) challenge is ensuring that every source of data, from every platform, is delivered to the target in a consistent format. For example, suppose for a single campaign you have source data from both Facebook and DCM. It may be a single marketing campaign, but unless your target — in this case, Adobe Analytics — was instructed about how to interpret the data from each source, you’ll never get a direct comparison of the results from both sources.

It’s likely that in your current system someone has to do two things: ask each Source (Facebook, AdWords) what a particular code means, and then inform the Target of that meaning. With Tracking First, no human has to do this work. Tracking First takes over the burden of copying, pasting and managing marketing campaign codes.

We find your codes, in their thousands of auto-generated permutations, from every marketing channel, and collect them in a cloud-based repository that users can access anywhere, from any device.


Pipe Dream Becomes a Reality

Marketers often talk about having a “tracking code database,” when in reality their codes are saved in fragments across the organization: code data from ExactTarget in your CRM, a spreadsheet with email tracking codes saved on a machine in IT, a Google doc on the intranet for social media campaigns, etc. Tracking First really does create a single repository for all of your codes. Not just for a single channel, not just for external campaigns, and not just for a single website. Tracking First records and manages all of your codes and their definitions from one synchronized platform.


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