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No License Required

Anyone can use Tracking First: there is no requirement for analytics expertise. Not because that expertise is unimportant—but because we have automated all of the analytics behind your marketing campaigns.

Two to Tango?

The days of marketing budget without accountability are long gone. But ever since it went away, marketers haven’t been free to deploy the campaigns they design without coordinating that launch with an analytics expert. Specialized skills are generally required to create new codes, set up classifications where necessary, prepare the links with the tracking codes embedded, and verify that each landing page is set up to collect the codes.

Automated Expertise

All of that expertise is bundled within Tracking First. The primary users of our platform are marketers, channel managers running specific lines of online initiatives. With it, they can retrieve the links they need to launch their campaigns directly. They don’t need to wait for an analyst to craft each new set of landing page links, or even know what data transmissions and validations are going on behind the scenes. What was formerly a multi-step process involving two parties can now be done directly by the marketer in a single step.

Professional Supervision

Now, if you’re the analytics expert reading this, you may be feeling very nervous. Don’t be. You still get to administer the way in which these codes are prepared. When each marketer comes through the process, they are required to operate within the constraints that you have set up. But you’re no longer required to have a hands-on experience with each new campaign launch. And that’s a good thing, right?