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Template for New Codes

To create codes, you first need a template. But formulating a template for new codes is a challenge. We can offer some best practices—the main one being to include consistent identifiers for channels, departments, or brands. But once that job is done, Tracking First can instantly generate templates based on the patterns you’ve assembled.

Custom Patterns, Private or Shared

These templates can then be used to create new codes, in small or massive groups. You can maintain a private list of codes you need to generate on a regular basis, or, if you’re an administrator, you can share specific templates with appropriate user groups in the organization.

Easy and Safe

The result is a quick and easy way to generate new tracking codes for campaigns you want to launch. You don’t need to know much—or anything at all, really—about web analytics to get the job done. Marketing channel managers can access the platform, see only the patterns that pertain to their specific jobs, and use them to create fully classified and verified codes, all maintained by Tracking First.

Reports You Can Trust

We’ve programmed and packaged all of the necessary analytics expertise under the hood. In the meantime, you can stay focused on your job, retrieve and deploy the codes and links you need, launch your campaigns directly, and never again worry that an analytics wonk will come lecture you about some detail you neglected.