///Tracking First Handles Lots of Codes
Tracking First Handles Lots of Codes 2017-09-19T12:55:46+00:00

A Little or a Lot

Most clients only need a few codes each time they use Tracking First, but the platform is flexible enough to handle lots of codes when necessary.

Excel-like Flexibility

So whether you need one, a few, or a few thousand codes for the campaign you are preparing right now, Tracking First can handle it. The table feature mimics the look and feel of Excel or Google Spreadsheet. In fact, any number of values can be copied from other programs and pasted directly into the Tracking First table, and it will instantly build down to accommodate all of the new rows. New key values will be created for each row, and the other cells, with their predicted values and drop-downs, will also replicate accordingly.

Double Check

If for any reason the connection is broken while large amounts of data are being transferred to your analytics system, never fear! We have a backup system in place to verify that all of the codes and their definitions are successfully sent and received by your analytics vendor.

Simple but Strong

But whether you’re managing a small or large number of codes, Tracking First adapts the experience to your specific needs with the same simple interface and set of controls.