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Organizational Management

As a company grows and its marketing efforts diversify, it quickly becomes impossible for a single individual to manage all of the tracking codes across the organization. Even a single report, such as external campaigns, might have multiple channel managers or agencies involved in the effort.

Patterns and People

Tracking First lets you set up patterns with strict rules regarding formatting and classification, with a single administrator to monitor all user groups in your organization. This allows the analytics team to delegate the responsibility of creating codes across the organization, without compromising the integrity of your campaign reports.

Groups and Permissions

Before you push Tracking First access throughout your organization, take the time to consider how you want different types of codes to be created and classified across your business, and who will need to create those codes. Craft patterns and permissions for those groups, and carefully assemble the right people into each one. This way you will get the most out of Tracking First’s Admin controls, and be sure that the right data is always flowing into the right reports.