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User Types

Tracking First provides access to two types of user:  Administrators and Role Players. Most of the actual code retrieval work will be done by the Role Players: channel managers and online marketers who are responsible for deploying any new online initiative.

Admin Rights

The Administrators, on the other hand, determine the rules of the game. They gather users into groups, assign each group its own set of permissions, which can even extend to the specific patterns that users can access in generating new codes. Typically, these are the digital experts who previously were handling all of the code creation and classification work themselves. By packaging all of that analytics expertise into the Tracking First solution, we have allowed digital analysts to delegate the tasks of code creation and classification without compromising the integrity of the data being passed into the reporting system.

Permissions Strategy

Every organization’s strategy will be different. If your goal is to spread the analytics prep work among a team of experts, you may choose to give each person Admin access. But if you want a single individual or a small group to organize the way in which legions of marketers will retrieve and classify new codes and assemble them into links for immediate deployment, then you will spend more time organizing users, groups and specific patterns.