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Too Much Rope

Ever since Omniture introduced SAINT technology at the turn of the century, its severely restricted permissions have been a source of great frustration to users. Essentially, the only people who can interact with SAINT tables are the SiteCatalyst administrators themselves. To respond to this frustration, Tracking First introduces configurable permissions.

Targeted Needs

Perhaps you have a group that only deals with Social Media. As an administrator, you know that the only report that they should be able to touch is the External Campaigns report in each Brand’s report suite. Furthermore, you only want them using a specific pattern that you’ve prepared, with a strict syntactical structure in the code, and hard and fast rules about how each code must be classified.

Nuanced Solution

Tracking First lets you group all of your Social Media users together, and then apply very specific permissions to that group. In this situation, you would probably choose to hide all but the non-Brand report suites from their view, and hide all but the External Campaigns variable as well. Finally, instead of letting them create any codes and classifications they want within those External Campaign reports, you can limit them to the specific pattern you have generated on their behalf.

Organizational Governance

Once you promote a pattern to the Global level, it can then be offered to any Group. Configurable permissions allow you to give your different groups as much or as little access to the flexibility and functions of Tracking First. You govern the process: even though you delegate the code creation, classification, and link retrieval, you never compromise the integrity of the data that flows into your reports.