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We Restore Faith in Your Campaign Data through Enterprise-Wide Data Governance

As a company grows and its marketing efforts diversify, it becomes difficult for a team to manage all of the tracking codes across the organization. Even a single report, such as “external campaigns,” might have multiple channel managers or agencies involved in the effort. Add thousands of auto-generated tracking code variations, created by the publishers and ad platforms where your campaigns run, and the task of integrating all that data to create a coherent picture is nearly impossible.

Tracking First lets you set up patterns with strict rules regarding formatting and classification, administer them to specific user groups in your organization and deploy them across the breadth of your campaign distribution. Your team can delegate the responsibility of creating codes across the organization, without compromising the integrity of your reports.

There are five main risk areas — points where data coherence can easily break down —  that marketing and analytics teams contend with: code integration from multiple sources, describing and classifying codes accurately within the analytics tool, synchronization across distributed teams, landing page verification pre-launch, and consistency with campaign naming conventions.

Tracking First addresses all five.

Summary of Benefits

Tracking First allows you to spend less money and effort preparing the analytics behind your marketing campaigns. Even more important, you will finally have end reports that are 100% accurate.

Your analysts will be freed from the tasks of data cleanup, to focus on data insights. Your marketers won’t be stalled in their campaign launch process, waiting for a green light; nor will they go rogue, creating links that can’t be tracked. Your teams can generate the codes they need directly and deploy them immediately. Everything is easier if you pay attention to building your tracking, first.











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