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Classifying Campaign Initiatives

When you send out a newsletter as part of your digital marketing campaign, you want to know how your customers engage with that newsletter. You also might want to compare it to previous newsletters or other parts of your business. That’s where classification comes in. Once classified, the campaign tracking codes for your newsletters, URLs, landing pages and other online tools can help feed data into different reports for insight. Classification may be as broad or as narrow as your business can effectively support, as long as you have a solid classification plan and stick to it. Tracking First automates key stages in your campaign tracking analytics to make it easier for your digital marketing team to use the insights clean data provides.

Campaign Support From the Start

Correctly setting up your campaign parameters on the front end can help reduce errors on the back end. Establishing a classification structure from the beginning can help ensure reports remain relevant, and syncing your code generator into your analytics tool can enable smooth adaptation. Data that flows directly into your analytics tool saves your team the time and effort required to load the data manually, and reduces errors and inconsistencies. Tracking First can automate marketing analytics tasks from the start to avoid data gaps and repairs later in your campaign.

Customized Procedures for Your Business

Digital campaign tracking means using and classifying codes from a lot of different sources. Every company develops its own formatting styles for tracking codes to gain the insights it needs. Tracking First lets you lock down procedures you already created (or want to start using), and all new codes will fall in line based on the process you create. Tracking First’s implementation team will work with you so the data you want is classified and tracked, which means standardized metadata and unified data across your entire business. This ensures easy analysis, and more precise and timely recommendations for your campaign.

Study and Maintain Your Classification Tables

Consistency is one of the keys to classification. Discrepancies in your data or URLs could lead to disconnects in data capture, and inaccurate reports. As new codes are created, the Tracking First solution recognizes variations and departures from the standards your organization has used in the past. Before generating the final URL, the user is alerted and given the chance to determine if the change was intentional or not. We steer marketers toward the company’s best practices, guiding either by explicit or historical values. Knowing where you’ve been (your classification history) allows us to follow the standards you set, and alert you to any unintended deviations.

Broader Applications

Tracking First is not just for campaign reports; it’s not even just for new codes. The same technology that lets you create new campaign tracking codes can be applied to products, pages or any other report within your analytics system — even to old reports you may want to reclassify. All the wasted time cleaning and sorting data in Excel can be put to use to uncover trends and build recommendations in real time. The days of manually managing tracking codes and classification files are over.

System Optimization From Start to Finish

Classifications can make your analytics reports trustworthy again, and an optimal system will ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Tracking First’s pre-launch checklist will help you have a campaign that will work and give actionable insights. Launching a campaign starts with making sure the landing page exists, verifying it has the tracking code analytics necessary to capture data and finishes with campaign deployment. A campaign that’s launched with consistent standards will ensure every data point is captured, leading to trusted and accurate business decision-making.

Tracking First can assist with your campaign tracking success. For more information about how we can help your business capture truthful campaign data, contact us.

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