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Sometimes you can’t trust your reports. A lot can go wrong when you’re manually importing data, and even a typo can make the difference between a code fitting into a classification rule or getting lost somewhere in digital space. This may make getting a clear picture of the real results of your campaign nearly impossible.

Measuring campaign results can only be done with properly classified tracking codes that end up where they’re supposed to. We make sure all your codes are fully and accurately described and uploaded to your analytics vendor or CRM, right from our system. Tracking First can help businesses collect campaign data in real time in a unified way, which avoids errors and inconsistencies, and guarantees actionable insights.

Avoid Tedious Clean-Up Work

In the past, marketing data administrators have had to manage the messy process of manual data clean-up work. Tracking First can help save you time, headaches and mistakes down the road with automated data management. Our system is not just for creating new codes; it also extends to managing codes, no matter what platform they originated from.

Steering You Toward Responsible Data Governance

Today’s digital marketplace demands marketing campaigns that have better tracking, analytics and optimization. It’s a lot of data to work with, not to mention different formats and sources for it. Extracting, transforming and loading it can be a full-time job. Control and consistency are keys to relieving the problem of messy data and ruined reports.

What if every single code you created — and those you’ve been thinking about creating — already fit into your patterns? What if you had the ability to go into a tracking code management system and identify any individual code and the user who created it? What if you could edit that code, after it was created, to ensure it met standards and naming conventions you’d internally set? What if you could have a permanent record of any such changes: why they were made, who made them, how the data changed as a result? What if you could get alerts about anything that deviates from your standards before your campaign launches, so you can correct it? Now you can do it all with Tracking First.

Keep Your Codes Under Lock and Key

Data governance is a matter of control as well as consistency. Tracking First gives you the ability to create new codes within parameters you set, and ensure these codes are distributed across your organization for everyone to access. Table maintenance tools can be limited to a few people if you want. We give you the ability to designate Tracking First administrators, who will maintain existing codes.

Automating the flow of data ensures you have campaign reports without gaps, so you can measure your campaign’s effectiveness and make the best business decisions possible. Tracking First makes that possible.

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