Verify & Validate Tracking Readiness

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If you’ve ever tried to manually validate tracking links, you know it’s a big time and resource sink. Manual landing page validation also introduces the possibility of human error, leading to mistakes and inconsistencies that can end up wasting more time and resources as you correct the reports or make business decisions based on incomplete reporting. When it comes to marketing campaign tracking, properly setting up everything on the front end can reduce errors and headache from the back end. This requires clean, standard, and well-defined data models and links.

Tracking First includes the option to create and deploy tracking-ready links. Specific query string parameters already have been determined by your analytics vendor or your company. Tracking First assembles links ready to be deployed, by combining those parameters with the landing pages you provide. Not only does our solution take care of the link creation and preparation, it also checks to make sure all barriers have been cleared for a successful campaign launch.

Pre-Launch Validation

It’s easy to see the value of a system that relieves you of the tedium of assembling codes. Who hasn’t assembled formulas and template documents in Excel to automate that process? Less obvious are the sinister problems that lurk in the landing pages themselves. What if there’s a typo in the URL, or the page hasn’t been built yet? What about issues only web analysts are trained to spot, such as redirects that drop the tracking code en route, or microsite pages that don’t include the analytics vendor’s snippet that allows it to receive campaign codes in the first place? No matter how expertly your links are built, if the data cannot be received, it’s not going to do much good. Tracking First has an optimal system for businesses, with a “pre-flight” checklist that checks for mistakes and issues of any complexity, so you can kick off your marketing campaign with confidence.

Inbound Link Audits

Tracking First validates every link it creates. Using the best API technology on the market, Tracking First will warn you if there is any issue preventing closed-loop tracking for your campaign. It verifies the page is live, that it is firing your vendor’s analytics tags correctly, and that each new tracking code is captured fully and faithfully into the variable you’ve just prepared. By entrusting your data to Tracking First’s automated process, you can guarantee consistency in your naming conventions and tracking link information across your entire campaign. There’s no need to worry about new codes not fitting into your classification scheme, or starting over from scratch.

Reliable Reports

The priority of Tracking First is to secure the data lines flowing into your analytics reports. Our clients are assured that the data they’re using to drive their businesses are reliable, from the assembly and classification of codes to the way campaign links are built and the way data streams automatically flow into reports. By generating codes and links according to your established company standards, then verifying those values before the campaign is launched, Tracking First closes the book of sad stories where campaigns end with mystery and doubt. Reliable reports allow you to determine profitable campaigns, freeing you to focus on what works for your business.

Tracking First can help you deploy your campaign links the right way from the very beginning and make it easy for data to be collected and analyzed for insights. Using the rules you set for the way your data flows, we can create complete metadata classification reports from your campaigns that you can trust. Spend more time using the information from your campaign instead of cleaning it up. Contact Tracking First to automate your way to more accurate marketing campaign tracking.