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Restore your client’s faith in campaign data

Give your clients clean, trusted, usable campaign data
so you can enable better marketing decisions

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Top marketing firms use Tracking First’s cloud-based app to provide their clients with the industry’s first and leading campaign tracking code management solution.

We can provide the sales support to demonstrate our technology to our partner’s clients.

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Partner Benefits

Partnering with Tracking First can help you expand your business, build trust with customers, and earn more money.
  • Referral Fee Options
  • New value to leverage with acquiring, monetizing and retaining customers
  • Accurately report ROI to clients
  • Save time with automation in tracking analytics
  • Restore client confidence in tracking analytics by maximizing accuracy
  • Better decisions for clients with accurate real-time data

What Our Partners Are Saying

Tracking First is one of those rare, niche technologies that solves a specific, yet very painful problem that is just far enough outside the scope of other tools to remain a problem for thousands of people. The zeal that Craig Scribner brings to the task is unparalleled.

-Jim Sterne, Founder of DAA and eMetrics.

The greatest marketing campaigns are only as good as their weakest link where success is often dependent on the tiniest detail like wrong tracking codes, landing pages or bad links. Tracking First takes care of those tiny details so you can focus on the bigger things that really move the sales needle.

Jay Shaffer, Tengrade Inc.

Give your clients trusted data that leads to actionable insights

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